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Swindon Visual Support Services

Welcome to the website for Swindon Visual Support Service. This website will give you information about what we do and who we can help as well as offering support to parents and carers of children and young people with visual impairment (VI).

What is Swindon Vision Support Service (SVSS)?

This service provides support to children and young people who are visually impaired (VI).

This service is available to anyone referred by Health and Education. If you are concerned about your child’s vision, see Referral for further advice.

The Vision Support Service is a team of professionals with expertise in visual impairment.

We are based in the Multi-Agency Unit at the Learning Complex at Uplands School but our service is provided in schools, pre-schools and homes within Swindon.

Katie Hewlett is responsible for the operational management of the team and running of the service. Katie is the Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment.

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The team consists of



Katie Hewlett




Advisory Teacher for visual impairment
Email Katie




Jo Clarke

Qualified Teacher of the visually impaired and and advisory teacher for assistive technology



Karen Howells


Habilitation specialist and teaching assistant for visual impairment





Katie Moles


Habilitation specialist for children and young people with visual impairment



Sarah Lane



Teaching Assistant for visual impairment 


Gemma Cheal

Teaching Assistant for visual impairment 


Karla Jolly

Teaching Assistant for visual impairment 


Jacqui Styles

Admin Assistant for MAU, VI, AT and PD

Contact details:
Multi Agency Unit
The Learning Campus
Tadpole Lane
SN25 2NB

Admin Telephone Number: 07909 442940

Website: www.uplands.swindon.sch.uk

The team offers a variety of services including assessments, advice, home visits, one-to-one support in schools covering the variety of skills a child or young person needs to achieve their potential.

This support will include:

  • An assessment of the child or young person’s functional vision, followed by a report and verbal feedback
  • Advice and training to school staff   
  • Recommendation for specialist equipment, where needed
  • Monitoring the child or young person’s progress and identifying areas for further development
  • Direct teaching in braille
  • Assessment and training of mobility and independent living skills (habilitation)
  • Regular support meetings including liaison with other professional agencies


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