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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy
Catch Up Premium 2013 -2014

Uplands School received £6,500 as part of the year 7 Catch Up Premium.  The Government has provided additional money to support those pupils entering Uplands school in Year 7 below level 4 in either English and/or maths. In Uplands school this is all of the Year 7.

Last year the use of Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium meant that Year 7 made the following progress:

  • 87% of students made upper quartile progress in combined Literacy and Numeracy
  • 90% of students made upper quartile in Literacy and 73% in Numeracy

This compares favourably with overall outcomes for Key Stage 3 where 79% made upper quartile combined Literacy and Numeracy progress ( 84% made upper quartile progress in Literacy, and 72% in Numeracy).

In this current academic year progress data for Literacy and Numeracy for Year 7 is analysed to identify areas for development and teaching strategies determined to ensure progress. Teaching strategies, overseen by the class teacher, are delivered by Higher Level Teaching Assistants and TAs in one to one sessions or small group sessions.  In addition, teaching is enhanced by the use of ipads, and literacy and numeracy resources to engage and assist students in their understanding of concepts and skills. The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up funding has therefore been used to:

Additional HLTA and TA Support

Acquire additional HLTA  services to support 1-1 and small group work in both literacy and numeracy based around identified need using BSquared data and the students own progression files.

Support Numeracy Developments

Numeracy developments include:

  • Plan and deliver functional numeracy day with full involvement by all Year 7 students. The aim of the day would be to develop and share effective numeracy strategies
  • To secure the services of a Specialist Leader in Education for maths to deliver training to SLT on curriculum development and securing progression in maths

Support Further Developments in Reading

An external consultant will provide further phonics and miscue analysis training so that all new Key Stage 3 teachers are fully equipped to deliver effective reading skills. In addition, new reading resources including books, ipad apps and phonic skill development resources will be acquired for all Key Stage 3 classes.

Support Developments in Baseline Assessments

Improved baseline assessments so assessments can be more robust and development needs pinpointed more accurately.